Who said work appropriate was not fun?

Today is a day for crafting.

I received my gorgeous package of Lizzie House and Cotton + Steel fabrics for my various dresses!


(yam quality phone camera)

I start placement in a grade one class on Monday, and my plan is to be their personal Ms. Frizzle. I have fabric for dinosaur dresses, cat dresses, constellation dresses and a pair of oxfords just waiting to be smothered in glitter like these beauties from A Beautiful Mess.

But on to the fabric. I recently came across Hawthorne Threads while looking at the Cat Lady collection by Cotton + Steel, not only did they have it in stock, but they shipped to Canada!

I’d been stalking Friskers in Navy for quite a while now;


Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.08.39 AM

(look at the little faces!)

Also picked up Purrfect Hiding Spot in Navy which uses an amazing teal for the flowers. And then of course saw it comes in a black and blue rayon. Well goodbye next paycheque.


From Lizzie House’s newest collection, The Lovely Hunt, I got Strawberry Field in Blue.


I also got Dino Exhibit in Navy from the Natural History collection, after being inspired by Julia’s amazing dress over at Stars & Sunshine.


I have some leftover Star Chart in turquoise metallic from Eweknit that I bought on a whim after buying a ton of yarn..


I also found Lizzie House’s Catnap Collection on there (yay!) and picked up Kitty Dreams in Cranberry.


Wow that was a lot of pictures! I’ll try to keep it brief-I’ve only recently started sewing, and my recent project on instagram was a toile of the stunning Elisalex dress by the ladies at By Hand London (which I need to fix the zipper on so I can post). So off to do that!


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